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GW2 - My Engi :icondominationangel:DominationAngel 0 0 Warning Sign :icondominationangel:DominationAngel 2 1
Mature content
Divided by Zero :icondominationangel:DominationAngel 2 0
Mature content
Weed Warning :icondominationangel:DominationAngel 3 0
Truth Cake :icondominationangel:DominationAngel 7 4 Catch :icondominationangel:DominationAngel 7 0
Mature content
Introduction of the Wolf Twins :icondominationangel:DominationAngel 1 1
Destiny of Aries-pt 3
When the gates opened two Devourers came after Aries and Cathy.  Cathy back peddled and Aries charged the both of them; Aries brought her Rinblade down on the first devourer with a loud "pop" as the blade penetrated the beast's tough, chitinous hide.  The other one charged Aries with its two huge, blade like frontal appendages risen above its head ready to strike at Aries; Cathy saw it charging Aries and cast a curse that sapped it of energy just long enough for Aries to kill the Devourer she was fighting.  Aries spun on her heal and ran and jumped on the creatures back and drove her blade into one of its eyes and into its brain and out its mouth.  A sickly green liquid started to ooze out of the wound and when she pulled it out, the wound erupted with a green fountain of sticky devourer blood.
Cathy's body rose off the ground and as she started to chant some thing and then all of a sudden four Bone Minions rose from the two bodies.  Sh
:icondominationangel:DominationAngel 0 4
Destiny of Aries: Part 2
After 2 more years of regular schooling she was finally off to the Academy.  The Academy was known famously for its Dragon Exhibit, which Aries took a walk through, she found it very interesting and odd at the same time.  It seemed every time she would walk up to a Dragon's exhibit the dragon would look at her but not scornfully like they did with the other people, but instead they would kind of bow there heads to her as like a sign of respect to Aries.  This puzzled a Professor who was looking over the dragons and making note of which ones needed food or water or some thing of the sort.  After about 20 years of working with these beasts the professor never in his days has seen a single dragon do what these dragons did as Aries walked by.  
The Dragon caretaker and Mythical Creatures teacher, Professor Braxs, watched Aries and the dragon's response to her presence.  He wondered why they did this especially to a human and why w
:icondominationangel:DominationAngel 0 3
The Destiny Of Aries Ch 1
In the small city-state of Ascalon on the Continent of Tyria, trouble has been brewing for many years.  The Ascalonians and a species loathfully called the Charr; have been at war with each other for 59 years.  Now the Charr have been secretly working on a weapon that will annihilate the entirety of all Ascalon.  This so called weapon is aptly called by the Charr the "Ritual of the Stars."  This weapon isn't really a weapon, but more of an ancient ritual that was invented by the Charr's ancestors about 12 generations back, which was used to free the Charr from the troll like creatures called Ettins.  Now our odyssey begins in a Council room, where King Ragnarok is called forth by the Elders to tell him of a prophecy in which his daughter is destined to play a part.
Aries was only a small child of the tender age of 3 when her father the king sent her to live with a couple in the Ascalon foothills.  The husband was an Elder of t
:icondominationangel:DominationAngel 0 3

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United States
Current Residence: Texas
Favourite genre of music: What ever sounds good, no real one type of music
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iTouch
Wallpaper of choice: Dragons or Sonic Stuff
Skin of choice: My own? O.o
Favourite cartoon character: Knuckles the Echidna / Shadow the Hedgehog
Personal Quote: "I didn't do it!" (I say that EVERY time someone calls my name.)
1. What is your DeviantArt name and what does it mean?
DominationAngel. Its a faction of a game I play called EVE-Online.

2. Why did you join this site?
ART! I can always use a new desktop wallpaper.

3. What fandom were you obsessed with when you joined?
Halo and World of Warcraft if I aint wrong.

4. How many watchers are currently watching now?
18 sadly. Then again, I don't put out much to get watched. Heh...put out...

5. Your first gift ever was to?

6. List five things you are a fan of?
Sonic the Hedgehog
Art. (Music, art, stories, ect.)
8. List four people you look up to the most?
and my Grandma.
9. How many pets do you own?
1. A cat named Cinders. Wuv him!

10. Who is your most played Toy?
My computer. It counts damn it!

11. What do you prefer, white or black?
Black. Unless yer talking about females, then white. =P

12. 3 aspects of your personality?
Humor, Smartass, Intelligence

13. If you could have a power what would it be?
Cross-Dimensional Travel. No Joke.

14. Who was the last person you talked to?
Myself. I call it "thinking out loud".

15. Who was the last person you said "I love you" to?

16. Write the first five things that pop into your head?
Pinkie Pie popping out of an apple cart yelling "FOREVER!"
Why the hell haven't we invented warp drive technology?
Trollestia (DA it.)
Chocolate doughnuts sitting in my kitchen at the moment.
How would I travel cross-dimension and could I go to Equestria? (Don't judge me! It's a peaceful place..and 20% cooler then Earth!)
17. What are the things you wish you could do better?
Draw, Socialize, getting a 1st date. (No, never dated, quiet you!)

18. Do you like who you are?
Course! Though if other people like who I am is a different story! Hehehe...

19. Summer or winter?

20. Rain or sun?

21. List 2 odd things about yourself?
I have a stripe of brown color that runs from the center of my right eye to the white of the eye.
I think faster then I can type, read out loud and copy/write. Leads me to misspell small words and the like.

22. Now tag 6 other people.
Don't really know 6 people to tag...
  • Listening to: grandma whine at the TV
  • Reading: Fanfiction.
  • Eating: Chocolate Doughnuts
  • Drinking: Diet Dr. Pepper


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